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Thank you for using the Dune Buggy Archives web site.

Need Help to Id a Buggy?

If you clicked "email" to ask us to ID your dune buggy body, please give the Buggy ID system a try! There are over 200 known dune buggies and X-File buggies already in the system. Its easy to use!

If you already tried to find it in the Buggy ID system (not "every" buggy is in it), then PLEASE post a message to the X-Files Board instead of emailing us. This way you'll have 500 dune buggy lovers helping to ID your buggy instead of the two people who try to maintain the site.

If you own the buggy, please also register it under the New X-Files Registry. This way we can keep a great record of specific body styles and when an ID is found for your buggy, we will move your entry into the proper registry.

A lot of people as "why do X-Files go in the X-File Forum and in the X-File Registry". Well, the forum lets everyone comment on the buggy and we can keep a running dialog going on ideas for what each X-File is, who may have made it, etc. The X-File Registry neatly groups together pictures of that specific body without "comments". The Registry is also tied into the Buggy ID system. All X-File buggies are put into the Buggy ID system so future users can find other people with the same body style, even if we do not know the history on a given body.

We receive too many e-mails asking for id help each day and we are happy to help, but you'll receive a faster response by posting to the board and our response will help others with the same body.

Need Help with the DBA Site?

We are more than happy to help with questions on posting and attaching pictures, registering your buggy, using the Buggy ID system, etc. Just email us. You can also send us private messages in the Forum (look for Paul Moran, Jay H or John S. 2).

Want to Send Us Buggy or Manufacturer History?

If you have history on a particular buggy or manufacturer, we would love to hear from you. You can either post it to our Forum or email us if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Thank you,
John Shepard
Jay Hart
Paul Moran