the Dune Buggy Archives
The Dune Buggy Archives Team would like to welcome you to our new Buggy Home. This site has been in the works since 1998 years. What started as an idea for dune buggy members to chat about buggies has grown to the largest gathering of fiberglass dune buggy enthusiast on the Internet. With over 5,500 members worldwide, our Yahoo site can no longer hold all of the photos, advertising scans, and forum messages.

The new website you are entering will house thousands of pages of Fiberglass Dune Buggy content. One of the most exciting developments has been the creation of a Dune Buggy ID machine. It will walk dune buggy owners through the process of searching for the maker and model of the dune buggy kit they own. Our enormous collection of dune buggy photos, advertising, and information will be at your finger tips.

Many people have asked is this a PAY site, to view and browse all this terrific dune buggy content? No. We accept donations to help pay for the domain use and the hosting. We also have many products in our Dune Buggy Nostalgia shop and proceeds help to support the site and the hosting.

The Dune Buggy Archives is also one of the first Dune Buggy Enthusiast's sites to utilize the new technology known as KWIKI. Many of our pages are formatted as KWIKI pages. That means you, the user, will be able to add content about your dune buggy by clicking a button and doing a Live Edit on the web page.

The KWIKI pages are a great extention to our new Dune Buggy Registry. Every know model will have an area for the owner to register their buggy and be able to connect with other owners of the same model buggy. Sharing your advice, stories, and information was never easier.

Speaking of sharing, the DBA Forum is on this site.

A Very Special Thanks to the excellent work and extensive labors of Dune Buggy mogul Paul Moran. Without them this would still just be a dream, but now we have a new home for our dune buggy addiction.