the Dune Buggy Archives

Hi all,

I live in New Hampshire. I have a 68 ranger body buggy I drive all the time. I also have a deserter gt, deserter gs, mark VII, 56 oval and a 68 bug. The GT I have been tinkering with for about 4 years now and due to the money

game not much has been happening to that lately. I also got a series I

deserter that I'm building for one of my best friends.

I love to take my kids on long rides in the buggy. They have a blast waving to all that drive by and beep. We love the type of people we meet that have buggies and bugs and buses etc... They are so nice and helpful. I have been a part of this group for a year or two now and you all have been the nicest group of men and women I have ever met. You all have been so helpful with all the Q&A's. I can ask the dumbest questions and I always get

treated as if it's a question about a nuclear war head. I love that.

Keep up the good work. Vic Farrington