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Alias: Tom "McGyver" Y! : mcgyverapprentice

Hi all! I currently live in Panama City, FL. I am a new owner of a Meyer's Towd. Title is 1969. The logic I used that led me to owning a Towd was this: I want a motor cycle again. My son wants a gas powered RC car. My wife doesn't think motorcycles are safe and I've also seen bikers not get road respect from car drivers. For a couple hundred more I can get my son a go-cart. Motorcylces are too expensive. For a few hundred more I can get a two-seater go-cart. For less than a bike I can get a project car (since it rains here a lot). Wow, I just talked myself into a dune buggy! Now, which one looks the best to me.... What's THAT thing ?!?!? A Towd ?!?! I gotta have one. After searching for a year, one came up on Ebay and it was complete AND cheaper than all other Towd projects! I won!

It was a 10-year-in-a-row show winner in MI area under previous owner, Paul. He put a lot of character into the Towd with his stainless steel skills. He fabricated the rollcage, flood light mount, rear cargo area, bikini bows, spare tire mount on top, front and rear skid plates, cage around battery and oil cooler under seats, rear cargo lid behind gas tank, rear bumper, and gear shift. It was a 1679cc w/Turbo, but that motor was so bad that it could not be rebuilt.

I bought a high-performance motor from a local VW shop owner. It was his personal motor in his dragster. He built it up with Empi everything. He kept his $1000 dual carb and racing ignition, and we put on a single Weber 44 carb and normal ignition. The engine is about a 2300cc now. No turbo anymore (no need, lol).

I drive it as my "daily" whenever I don't need my Suburban 4x4 for work. Still working some kinks out as the motor is breaking in. Also, I am deciding how to redo the dash set up. I am brainstorming about front and rear bumpers to protect the Towd from trees when off-roading. Nerf bars on the sides to protect me from side-impacts and trees ripping off rear axles are on my mind, as well. Those changes won't be until next winter. I am too happy driving it around now (and strapped from buying a replacement motor.)

This Towd is something my son is really excited about, too. He is 11 and I hope it will be the car I teach him to drive stick in. A couple more years and he'll be able to reach the pedals! I am new to VW's so whenever I tinker with it, I make sure and include my son on what I'm doing. Soon, I hope he will turn wrenches right along with me.

If you come down to Panama City Beach, bring your buggy and let me know you're coming!