the Dune Buggy Archives

the decal on this previously unknown buggy has sparked some information to be found on it.

image This is what recently surfaced on the SAMBA site about the Thunder Bug. Thunder Bug was Custom Built mold made by Clay Diekmann and Tony Vierra of Manx House (a dune buggy shop) in 1968 in Sunnyvale California. The shop later became known as Bugformance. There were only 50-70 of these bodies produced.

They were handlaid fiberglass construction with chopper gun re-inforcements. They were designed to be the same dimensions as it's cousin the Manx. Tailbox was raised for more clearance. Hood appears designed for more tank clearance. Dash and hood thicker than most manx kits. Interior surfaces were textured . Later versions were molded with tube under fender for wiring harness. Front angles made for Sqaureback Turn signals and rear panels for oval tailights.

The hood looks to be to be a very close design match to the Cloddhopper hood.


The Tail Box is rounded and unique for sure.