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The Imp (#1002)


The EJ20TT came with gray injectors - A46-00 printed on the inside. Sent them out to WitchHunter for cleaning/flowing. They came back flowing 470 cc/min at 43.5 psi.

The Imp is at Mears Metal Products for header and intake rework to support a single ball bearing Turbonetics turbo and an intercooler. The new turbo specs are 63AR T04B Stage 2 wheel .63 AR Ball Bearing/Water Cooled/Dynamic Seal. The air filter is a K&N RU-3610 and the Outerwears Cover : WR1875-14-7T - Water Repellent (Part number: 20-1600)

I plan to use Denso IKH20 or NGK BKR6EIX plugs.