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Info and Links for Subaru Engine Conversions


SubBugProjects - If your in the middle of or already driving your Subaru swap project, post it on this page! If you already have a site dedicated to your project, just add a link to it.

SubBugLinks - All kinds of links about putting a Subaru into a beeetle chassis.

EnginePurchase - a list of parts to buy when you go to get an engine from a junk yard.

SubBugToolswap - A list of tools that SubBug members are willing to allow others to borrow.

SubBugLaptop - A laptop we can pass between members for logging Link/ LinkPlus (or other EMS system) output for sharing between members.

SubBugParts - Suppliers of parts for Subaru engines

Archived Messages from the old group are now fully loaded on this site and searchable using the search box in the upper left.

Subaru manuals for the Legacy and Impreza.