the Dune Buggy Archives
image Safari Enterprises Inc. Glendale California. Made two dune buggy body styles. One was a standard style buggy, the other a more modern KitCar type of dune buggy. The basic buggy was called the Safari Trail. Key IdTraits : It had two styles of hood from what we can tell. One had two plain to see shood scoops strips. The other more often found, had a single hood ridge and and small circular badge bump. Rear fenders shape. You will see this style on RoadRunner, and AndeckBrute, and TBirds. The hood is a OnePiece with the dash attatched. Note the corner where it meets the body side, It overlaps the side of the buggy. Very different from a Manx.
image image image We have three full page ads in the Archives right now. They date from 1968 through 1969. Very little is know about this manufacturer or these dune buggy models. If anyone has any information that could lead to finding out more about these buggies, pleas email us at the DBA. Email to: dunebuggyarchives
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