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Dune Buggy Model: Rattler
Manufacturer: B&N Fiberglass Inc.
City and State: 350 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio
Hood Description:
Dash Description:
Rear Seat Area:
Fender Description:
Tail Description:
Serial numbered:
Dates on File: 1969

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A really cool email we just got....

I lived in Springfield, Ohio and did some work after school at B&N building my own buggy. I built several Rattlers in the late 60s. I was a teenager.

I think I still have a brochure and some other B&N Info from that time. I also still have the Rattler that I built in 1969. I've restore it a couple of times. It's still a fun little car. My nephew drove it all through high school and at present it is in Columbia Missouri. I used a '67 as the base car. The Rattler called for the pan to be shortened 15" rather than the 14.5 of the Manx. I think that's correct on the Manx. I remember when Pete Rose was playing for the Reds in Cincinnati, he had a metal flake green Rattler. My first one was a competition orange body that my dad was able to buy from B&N at a good cost because it was a second due to some "orange peel" in the gel coat. It was built on an old '56 VW...36 HP lots of fun but not too fast. I rebuilt that car using the newer version of the Rattler body and was able to afford a new blue metal flake body that came as a bundled kit with matching metal flake "Super Seats" as they were called with white upholstery. The rest of the Kit included upholstered back seat, carpet kit, windshield frame, stainless steel roll bar, wiring harness, head lights, dash brace, and undercoating. This all made a great looking little car..but still 36 HP...that probably kept me from killing myself as a teenager. After this, I built the '67 and then built a couple more for a Ford Dealer in Detroit. I noticed there aren't any registers for the Rattler. I guess I may be the only one left. By the way, the name of the owner was Bob Mangold and B&N stood for "Bob and Nancy" If you are accumulating materials from all these different manufacturers, I'd be happy to scan what I have and send it to you. The rattler was created from a Meyers Manx that was cut up and reworked into the new body style. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.