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I became addicted to buggies in 1997 when a friend of mine bought his wife a dune buggy instead of a motorcycle, which is what she wanted. I thought it would work for me too, but my wife ended up with a motorcycle as well... We now have 3 buggies and a sand rail. I run the EMPI Imp Registry and Subbug (A Yahoo Group for Subaru powered buggies).


  • 1969 EMPI Imp #1002 - TheImp - Subaru EJ20TT Powered, '65 pan, sand/autocross
  • 1968 EMPI Imp #519 - TheBlimp - 6V 40HP VW, '59 pan, sand/road


  • Battle Creek Bee - TheBluggy - 1915cc VW, custom/lifted pan, snad only


  • This is just in the concept phase. Please give me your recommendations.

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