the Dune Buggy Archives

imageBruce Meyers probably never dreamed he would create an entire dune buggy industry from just one trip to the beach. Dreaming of a better way to build a buggy sparked the idea of a fiberglass car that changed the world. The fiberglass dune buggy was born with the creation of the original "Monocoque" dune buggies. Only a few of the 12 built still exsist today. He had taken an idea created prior to his arrival on the scene only in wood and steel, and added some artistry and warmth that fiberglass shape can only produce.

imageSure there were plenty of buggies on the beach and the dunes in 1963 but, they were nothing like what Bruce was dreaming of. He wanted a go anywhere, camp anywhere, drive anywhere, car. Click the Dune Buggy History button and find out more about the early days before the Manx was built. You can find more about the history of the Manx buggy at The Manx Dune Buggy Club web site.


Bruce and Winnie Meyers and the Manx Club are doing amazing things to rekindle the fiberglass enthusiasm around the world. There are new Manx buggies in France and now a Signature Edition Manx available in the US. Also rumor has it that there will be a whole new style of Meyers buggy to be coming out soon.

Now there is the Manxter. A full length new designed buggy. Manx Clone by the original manx maker?

The Manx Club meets are getting buggy fans together from all over the country and the world. They are opening the door to a whole knew generation of dune buggy owners and enthusiasts. We have started a dune buggy club listing page to help you find a local club.

imageThere is a new Fiberglass Dune Buggy Revolution under way. Oddly enough it is thirty years after the first outbreak of fiberglass fanatics built their dune buggies. But the buggies and the fun are back! Bart and I are part of the second generation I guess, we are pulling the abandoned buggies out of the weeds and saying thing like, "Whoa, why did somebody cut this?" or "What kind of buggy is that thing?"

image We are sorting out that sea of clone buggies, that are still out there in the weeds of America. Solving their "ID" is the driving force behind the Dune Buggy Archives. We hope to document the makers of all of the unknown "Manx style" buggies out there. Modification of molds created many mutant versions of the "Manx".(Photo from August 1969 Popular Science taken at Snyder Fiberglas of Lincoln, Nebraska)

Some were original in design and should be recognized for there efforts, other were Splashers, buying buggies, making molds, and renaming and selling them. High dollar design or low buck copy, all of them were part of the Dune Buggy Hobby we have grown to love so dearly, and will be investigating here. image

Join us while we take you on a wild ride through the Dune Buggy Archives files. Hopefully the fiberglass dune buggy craze will return to streets and beaches of America.

Or perhaps maybe it never really left.

Thanks again Bruce!