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The MiniVolks dune buggies were offered in 10 different models and were boasted to have been offered in 50 different solid and " FireFlake " colors. They offered both a HandLaminated Model and a ChopperGun model with different variations available. A roadster pickup model was offered as well as FullLegnth versions of the other buggies they sold. The MiniVolks advertised "franchises available" in May of 1969. The MiniVolks dune buggy bodies were built and distributed by a company in Framingham Ma called Dunbar's Inc. The published address for tham at the time was Dunbar's Inc 171 Howard Street Framingham, MA 01701 (617) 872-0152. I has been said that they are no longer doing dune buggy business but, may still be in business. Our contact in Ma Bob Elliott of the DOGhouse fame, recently gave me some more information on these cars. Bob writes:

These Dunbars buggies were as popular around here as any other buggy and the most available without any added shipping charges. Dunbars was a retail and assembly shop, not a mfg. They would sell bodies from a couple of different sources, changed a hood and call it something else. Not very creative in the marketing, they had models A, B and C in the MiniVolks family as I remember. I have some photos of a Ranger, one of the bodies sold by Dunbar, but from the original manufacturer in Hudson, MA. When supplied to Dunbars, most knew it as just a Minivolks.

These basic Dunbars cars were copies of the Manx, with the MA engine cover extension that you've Id'ed. There even was another bolt-on extension, we called it a bustle or diaper that covered the stock VW exhaust. This would only be installed by those old guys, probably about my age today?

Dunbars is also is the body that I made that buggy couch out of, there's more photos of the rear on this page.


These MA based cars, always had the flat dash and square corner windshields. What we called this a east coast style vs. the tuck under dash and round corners of the west coast style Manx or in some ways, even Deserter S-1. This dash saved assembly time and could be made in a 1-pc mold. The other popular Dunbars car, Hawk, had wider fenders and sometimes the louvered hood, but the same flat dash and long rear engine apron.

See the gallery pics below for more details. We only have one page of advertising still from a magazine. As always if you have something to add to this or any dune buggy page, email us and let us know.

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