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I became interrested in dune buggies 8 years ago when my dad bought a dilapidated old buggy. Together we restored it into a multi-show winning car. My love for the Bradley GT came when I was much younger and went with my dad when he was thinking of buying one. I can remember it being blue with no glass or interior. I also remember it needing a lot of work which turned him away from it. From then on, I've always wanted one (seeing how it was the first kit car I've ever seen). Near ten years later I bought my own. (The fourth one I've seen in person)


I am currently in the middle of restoring it, With the engine and running gear done, this winter I will have the car completely rewired and painted.

image image

I also am the founder of a Buggy club called the Southside Buggistas Located in Frankfort, IL (south of chicago).

The Southside Buggistas Dune Buggy and Kit Car Club