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I traded my 81 Goldwing for a 73 bettle with the intention of making a Volksrod out of it. I had the fenders off of it and I bought and welded together a front beam extention kit. About that time a friend was selling off a some of his VW stuff and I went to look at another bug body he had. Well ... out on his back deck was a Glitterbug Sportsman Pickup Buggy body. I asked if it was for sale and how much he wanted for it. He thought for a bit and said he could take anything less than $250.00 ... I said sold !

I now have the bug body off the pan. I've rebuilt the front beam assy and have started cutting out the 14.5 inches on the pan to get it ready for the buggy body.

I had forgot how much fun working on VWs is. I've been the happy owner of 4 bugs, 1 ghia, and 1 thing. One summer my brother and I ran Solo II racing with one of my bugs ... I think they call it autocrossing now.

I live in the North West corner of Indiana and plan on running my buggy as a street buggy.