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Don't Ebay Alone by John Shepard

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I have decided with this one to start with a page for it, before I ever turn a screw to take it apart. Those of you who know me, know I love to take things apart.... They usually get sold before ever going back togther. With " the Mean Green Machine" as my five year old calls it, that will be different. We have decided to seriously restore this to running condition this winter. We will be posting photos here as we go so you can get excited and go on ebay and get your own, project dune buggy!

What is the plan?

We want to complete this buggy "reload" in time for the 2007 Silver Lake Dune Buggy Invasion. We will return to where this buggy saw it's former glory and again be able to shred the sand in the Great Lakes region.

Where I found it...

This buggy was one of those listings you stumble onto on ebay, and go, WOW that would be kinda cool. So you bid on it, ask the guy a few questions to find out some details, and then watch it end. Usually I get outbid because I am CHEAP. I don't like to ever pay more for an old dune buggy project than I could spend to order a new Berrien Buggy body.

Here is the text from the listing on ebay. I guess it was just vague enough that not alot of people found the ad or thought it was worth bidding on.

" For all you Volkswagon enthusiets. This is a classic volkswagon dune bugy that was used in the 70s. Don't have any hard facts on the car. The engine is not in runing condition. Has a four cylinder engine with four carburators. The car would have to be loaded on a trailer that will be included with the sale. Thanks and good luck."

Life before ebay?

Before this little baby found it's way onto ebay, it spent the last 20 odd years in storage. The buggy was in a building when it sold to a new owner. The buggy has been sitting in the back of the boat shop all that time with the owner thinking of re-doing it someday. I have promised to keep him updated on it's progress, thats one of the reasons for this web adventure. So here we go!

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