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Chuck has worked on a lift kit from composite material. You can build it yourself for less than $50. John

This lift is made of plastic decking material. I chose plastic because it will not rust and I thought it would be less likely to squeak or rattle. I used three eight foot deck boards. It cuts and works just like wood, however it is very dense. I used Liquid Nails (they make a product for plastic) to glue the pieces together, however the body mounting bolts will also hold it together once the body is installed. It has been done for a while now with 0 problems. In the pictures you can see the corner cut out of the top inner edge so the body lip would fit down flush against it. Before the final installation I ran a couple beads of silicone around the top and the bottom and let it dry. This works as a gasket and helps reduce rattles. I am very satisfied with the end result, however it was very time consuming. More pictures of the build in the link below.