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Lido Dune Buggies

Dune Buggy Model:



Balboa Dune Buggies

City and State:


Hood Description:

Raised wide ridge tapered to front point

Dash Description:

Hood molded to dash examples in color match and ABS black

Rear Seat Area:


Fender Description:

Curved front; Raised rear

Tail Description:

Flat tail area with raised license plate area

Serial numbered:


Dates on File:

1968 Advertising by Distributor no manufacturer ads on file

Known Associated Body information:


Body Name


Joe Poty Enterprises

El Caballero

 looks like a Lido but has a Joe Poty East tag and serial#

FiberJet Industries

Enos 500

looks similar but has angular design in mouth area

Lithia Fiberglass

Mark III

has a pointed nose hood and a more rounded front "mouth" opening

Super Sport Fiberglass


has purchased the Lithia molds with a Spatz type hood

Aero Engineering

Aero Buggy

was made for drag racing with a large wing on the back

Dune Buggy Supply Co.

El Lobo

differences unknown and advertising doesn't show up till the seventies.

Johnny's Speed & Chrome


very small catalog photos indicate they offered this body style

Other Notes:

Small independant buggy builders like J.Bertram Fiberglass also offered copies of this body style in the last 10 years. They would be low volume production and very little if any documentation available. Additionally there are several other variations of unknown origin: one with a different hood design and others with lowered sides but I haven't found the manufacturers of those. Balboa had some dealers this is apparent from their ads. It seems as they disappeared by the end of the 60's. What became of their molds or the company? If they had dealer manufacturers then where are those molds.