the Dune Buggy Archives

My name is John. I am addicted to fiberglass dune buggies. We started this whole adventure in 1998 because there weren't any other places to find fiberglass dune buggy information. I hope you find what your looking for here.

Here are links to my dune buggies I own, and other I have had over the years. I don't think I would call it a VW resume' because not all of these were something to be very excited about. It's like someone who brings home stray dogs and feeds them. I can't stand to see something in the weeds, i have to bring it home and take it apart.

Not that I make time to put them back together. I just buy them and then take 'em apart. Is there a 12 step program for that out there somewhere???

image Our EmpiImp called the MeanGreen buggy was purchased from ebay in Ill and sold to a guy in MI before I ever got it home. I hope they will post progress of this very cool example of a vintage sander.
image Our BossBug called the CokeBuggy The only completed running and driving dune buggy that I have ever built, owned, taken apart, and put back together. Most never go back togther. I will never unbolt it again. Scouts Honor. The wife is a Coke Collector so I got her approval with some quick decals.
image Our MeyersManx called the OrangeCrush A local find in Ohio I had to have. I always wanted a REAL Manx. Serial numbered and everything Waahooo. Now what. Well, take it apart. It is now in a pile in my garage. We named it orange crush because my son who is convinced it's his, loves orange pop and is pretty sure Mom would like to Crush it.
image Our EmpiImp called the NosImp , I am thinking of renaming it ImpPossible , This was my second dune buggy body to rescue. We still own it. It is Michigan right now at BerrienBuggy. They are using it to frame out a jig to make a tube chassis for the Imp cut legnth. If your interested in one of these fiberglass floored tube chassis kits email Dave and tell him. mailto: berrienbuggy
image Our SandRover called the GoldenRover. My first dune buggy. I searched for months on the internet and a guy 2 blocks away called me about a classified ad I ran in the paper wanting a motor. He had a whole buggy if I wanted it......Oh yeah....
image Our JackalEnterprises Jackal known as FuglyBuggy. Another early dune buggy find. This one was 15 miles from my house. These kits are out there guys. the best way to find one local is to network. You will be surprised how many people can tell you where they saw one if you get them talking about it. This one was sold to friend in DE. I think Mike who started MADBuggies has it now. Mike?
image East Coast Sandwinder Clone, now ID'd as a CaliforniaClipper, we called the GreenWeenie. My buddy the Hot dog king, bought this one to get a new motor, rolling chassis, and a ton of new high dollar parts to build a BerrienBuggy NostalgiaBuggy. We sold the body and used the rest later to build CokeBuggy. After it got sold a couple times in between, but thats another story.