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Dune Buggy Model: Empi Imp
Manufacturer: EMPI
City and State:
Hood Description: Wide scoop and EMPI Imp badge bump. 68/69: License plate area deep under hood. 70: Tach mount in hood, front slopes straight down with EMPI logo molded in.
Dash Description: Black fiberglass with leather like matte finish. Glassed onto hood.
Rear Seat Area: 68/69: Battery box on passenger side. 3 front to back recesses to strength driver side. 70: Molded in seats
Fender Description: Classic Clamshell
Tail Description: Classic box with faint mid-60's Beetle tail light mounts molded in.
Serial numbered: Below rear seat - above VW frame serial number.
Dates on File: 1968-1970

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