the Dune Buggy Archives

Dune Buggy Toys

We have collected and organized many pages of dune buggy toys. These images were contirbuted from around the globe. Special thanks to everyone who has helped out by sharing pictures of thier own private toy collections. We hope these will inspire you to start your own dune buggy toy collection. And wouldn't it be great if the toy makers saw how much interest in dune buggies there is, and made some new dune buggy toys!

The basic categories we have them sorted into are listed below. Click on the one you would like to see more examples of.

Electric Slot Cars

Many different companies made scale electric racing dune buggies. Some even had complete sets dedicated to dune buggy racing.

Diecast and Steel Cars

Hotwheels and Matchbox both jumped on the dune buggy craze from it's very beginning. Steel cars like Tonka and other were very popular in the dune buggy form too.

Plastic Toy Cars

Plastic toy cars were so poluar every five and dime or grocery store had them for sale. Some examples of the ones that have survived are posted here for your enjoyment.

Battery Operated Cars

Battery operated cars that did tricks during the sixties were in every Wishbook. The dune buggy versions always did wheelies and were true to form. Some even had tiny Manx logos.

Cox Gas Powered Cars

Cox made several different Gas powered cars. The most popular was the Manx style dune buggy they made. We have several of these in the archives gallery pages.

Plastic Scale Model Cars

Many different companies also made version of the dune buggy in scale model form. Some of these were even endorsed by the buggy makers and were exact replicas.

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