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OK, now this looks a lot different from many of the buggies of the day and incorporates radical styling (for the time) and further improves on the overall driveabilty as more of a complete car. The Deserter GT with the molded in headlights, curved windshield, great looking side tanks and a way cool gull-wing fiberglass top truly indicate the changes happening in the industry as it moves from a basic dune buggy market to more of a kit car. Most of these cars were built with a cut down 84 inch VW pan or chassis of the day and really made great drivers Most were sold as kits less the side tanks and the much desired gull-wing top, but the option list was loaded for Autodynamics or Dearborn Automotive at this time to satisfy any car builders wish list. The other good news is that this great looking new body could be used with the unique Autodynamics option, the GS mid-engine chassis kit. Total production of the Deserter GT has been estimated at approximately 350 unitsfrom the Marblehead facility. Of the 350 units, possibly as many as 75 were built with the Deserter GS mid-engine chassis kits
Dune Buggy Model: Deserter GT
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