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My Boss Bugg Dune Buggy- by John Shepard

This is the story of our Coke Buggy as we often call it now. I was searching the ebay listings for dune buggy bodies and parts one day when I found a curious posting. In Rhode Island a fellow had posted Bug body kit for Volkswagen. No pics and no further desricption as I recall. I was curious and emailed him. These are the photos he sent to me in the email message.

image image

After I was able to breathe normally again, I send him an email and asked for more of a desription. He sent me more pics of everything that came with it.

image image image

He said it was still in the box his dad had ordered it in in the early 70's as he remembered. A few years later he had bought a bug to build it with and then found out he had purchased a wrecked Super Beetle that would not work with the kit. So it went in a barn until 1998 when I found it on ebay.