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i have a fiberjet cobra that was used off road a lot and poorly asembled that i am rebuilding. i have added a trunk lid and removable tail light area based on a fiero se rear end. my plans are to enclose the running boards as side pods. i've been studying using a subie as my son hot rods a wrx sti and i think about 240 hp. will work if the transaxle problem can be solved cost effectively. right now it has an adjustable front axle with lowered spindles and disk brakes. when i tried to lower the rear to where the axles were straight it seemed to have too much neg. camber so i will either have to change the torsion arms or straighten the ones i have. i guess i'm shopping for a low mileage wrx motor, wiring harness, ecm, guages and etc. i live near waco, tx. so most of my shopping will be done online. i have tons of vw parts but am short on subies. i worked pretty steady on this project for about 2 months but now other priorties have moved in which sometimes lets you step back and plan new angles anyway. i'm 62 and slightly disabled which means maybe a little slower, but so far my brain still works, i think. the top of the list is radiator and intercooler placement. if iwanted to start over with a chassis, i could use a fiero gas tank that runs down the center of the car and that would leave room in the front for the radiator, the intercooler might go under a scoop over the rear half of the motor under the trunk that covers the engine compartment.right now i'm using fuchs copy wheels, i think their 15x6 front and 15x7 rear. most of these parts were meant for a porsche speedster thats been waiting for about 10 yrs. i'll add more to this a i have time.charlie wittmer