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well i hunted and pecked for about 30 minutes and don't know where my info went so i guess i'll redo it.i have a 1978 fiberjet cobra that was'nt built very well that i'm rebuilding. i have added a 86 fiero se trunk, fender tops and removeable tailight section to. i am going to make side pods over the running boards that are presently on has a adjustable front end with dropped spindles and disk brakes. i am trying to lower the rear but right now it has too much negative camber. probably bent torsion arms. i have some more but haven't tried others yet, thought i might try to reform the ones on it now. i have fuchs copies 15x6 and 15x7 on it right now. these are parts meant for a porsche speedster thats been wating about 10 yrs for my expertise.i am 62 and disabled a little from too much fun on my sportster about 3yrs. ago it slows me down just a little but i still get everything left hand doesn't grip objects anymore but i manage. just a little more thought process involved.i was straightening the bug front pan area, it was twisted, in a home made jig and broke my little finger on my right hand a couple months ago. boy, try to do things with a bum left hand and yor right hand in a cast! so i hope i'll be a little more son has a hot rod wrx sti (subie) and i guess i'm shopping for a wrx motor, ecm, wiring harness, and guages to try and fit in. radiator and intercooler placement will be interesting. i've got some other neat electrical ideas planned also such as remote start and battery disconnect.i'll add to this as i have more time.

[Charles, your first version went here: CobraFiberJet - Paul]