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Bug Out 27 May 30th 1993

Manassas Virginia hosts the Largest VW only show on the EastCoast. The annual BugOut is held twice a year on the weekend before Memorial Day in May and in September before Labor Day. The beginning and the end of show season for a lot of VW nuts back east. If you have never been to one, give it a try. There is VW only drag racing all day, a enclosed course slalom track set up on a banked oval!, a bikini contest, tons of vendors, the biggest swap meet this side of the Classic, and tons of VW show cars. In 1993 at this show, the first one I ever attended, we saw very few dune buggies. Since then they have really grown. The dune buggy class is now so large it is a class by itself.

[] bossbug.gif 170.01 Kb 624 x 512 [] empiimp.gif 134.11 Kb 561 x 400 [] manxflame.gif 102.04 Kb 600 x 400 [] pinkbuggy.gif 132.98 Kb 600 x 338
[] redbuggy.gif 77.54 Kb 600 x 240 [] redflame.gif 89.78 Kb 524 x 355 [] silverbuggy.gif 89.36 Kb 502 x 318

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