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The Boss Bug turns out to be one of the longest running dune buggy models ever produced. They were first built and advertisied in 1969. The ads can be found all the way through the 80's. And this body is still being built and and sold today only a few miles from where it started. The body is a Manx clone with near exact detail except for the creative hood design. The East Coaster built the buggies over here to be all season ready. The wiper mounts were recessed into the hood design to give pleanty of room for operational wipers. They offered side pods and a tail box to cover the carb.  Bodies were available in solid or metalflake gelcoat. BugStuff is still making and selling this body style. He makes a fiberglass dash molded to the hood now instead of ABS.

Dune Buggy Model: Boss Bug
Manufacturer: Perfect Plastics Inc.
City and State: New Kensington, Pennsylvania
Hood Description: Twin Inverted Hood Scoops
Dash Description: Molded ABS Black Manx Style
Rear Seat Area: Manx Style Battery and tire Box
Fender Description: Standard Manx Style
Tail Description: Standard Manx Style
Serial numbered: No
Id Tags Some body parts had labels glassed under fenders
Dates on File: 1969-1988

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