the Dune Buggy Archives

My name is Bob Wright. I just moved to Denver,Co after 2 years in Virginia and before that 25 years in Grand Junction,Co. I will miss the Manasas Bug-in but the VW events here look great and I can't wait to make some friends and get involved in a club or two. I have a Spatz buggy with a Subaru 2.5 motor, Berrien tube chassis, adjustable beam, 28mm torsions, line-lock, Fuchs, and on and on. You know the saying-They are never done just a work in progress. Next will be a built transaxle. I shattered the spider gears about a week before I moved to Virginia and had to scramble to fix it before I put it in storage. It is now here in Denver and I drive it every day. Life is Rough!!!