the Dune Buggy Archives

Apache Fiberglass was smaller dune buggy manufacturer located in Geneva, Ohio. We have documented catalog copies of thier dune buggy kits. They offered several different models. The basic look is very similar to a buggy we found advertisied earlier by ATVIndustries. ATVIndustries called thier buggy the SandShark.

Apache called thier buggies a StandardModel LongModel ect... The key IDTrait between these buggies and the SandShark dune buggy bodies were, the use of a molded in fiberglass, attatched to the hood windhsield frame.

This is one of very very few kits that offered a fiberglass windshield frame. The only one being produced today is the PantherGS in Austrialia by SharpBuilt dune buggies owned by Mike Sharp.

We have several examples of this dune buggy body.