the Dune Buggy Archives
B Allied Fiberglass is an interesting manufacturer. We have very sketchy details on the company and would love to hear from anyone who was part of the company or worked directly with them during the early DuneBuggy boom of 1968. The advertising we have on file from 1968 shows a very generic ManxStyle dune buggy. The name they have on it is the JuneBug. There were 3 models available in one ad, and then 4 available in the other. The photo in the ad is such that no details are really available. I have heard rumors that they were one of the big buggy builders who got sued by MeyersManx for pantent infringement. We wish there was some info out there about what really happened during all those court cases. Maybe again we can wait for that book BruceMeyers was rumored to have been writing. The other only material I have for AlliedFiberglass, not to be confused with AlliedIndustries a different dune buggy maker who really copied everyone under the sun, is an undated brochure that features 5 different models of dune buggies. Four of the models are called FunBuggy but also have a model designation that is reminicant of a firearm name. The owner of the company must have liked guns.
The First Model they feature is a standard chassis cut ClassicBuggy. IDTraits you can plainly see are the sunken tailight mounts, the double ridge line pattern on the hood. The fender lines are very basic.This model is called a FunBuggy Standard Model 20-2. Sold new for $325.00
The next FunBuggy is a Tudor Model 30-3 It has the same features as the 20-2 but, includes opening doors. This is the only ClassicBuggy style dune buggy that I can ever recall having opening doors. We have yet to find one of these still in exsistance out there. Talk about rare. Sold new for $400.00
The third FunBuggy in the brochure is the Tandem Model 40-4. Very similar to the 20-2 but, yeah you guessed it it's a full legnth chassis model. No need to cut this one down. Sold new for $380.00
Last of the four ClassicBuggy models mad by AlliedFiberglass is the Tandem Tudor Model Forty-Five. Any guess' here....yep its the full length model with the same opening doors mentioned before. I have documented one of these bodies still in exsistance. Oddly enough it sat about 4 miles from house for the last 25 odd years and I never saw it under a pine tree beside a house. I stopped to talk to him about it, once or twice, it wasn't for sale, but now it's gone. If you bought it, email me for the registry! Sold new for $445.00
The fifth model in the brochure was called a TeeVee. It is more of a MiniT style or TBuggy style DuneBuggy. The body had removable fenders running boards and more. The bed of the pickup was 42" and the wheelbase was a super short 78". The retail price $375.00