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AkersPlastics was a dune buggy manufacturer that built just one model from what we have been able to determine. The dune buggy bodies they made were often nicknamed " FishMouth " buggy, because of the up turned licesnce plate mount area on the snout. The actual company history is very vague on these buggies. I first learned of them from Dave at BerrienBuggy. When they first got into the dune buggy building business they built DuneBuggy bodies purchased from other companies. Akers was one of the body suppliers in the Indiana and Michigan where they purchased bodies from. Here is a note from Dave.... I used to sell them it had a nose that looked like a fish mouth. They were made in Mishawaka, IN. and then the plant moved to Plymouth, IN. they are still in business in Plymouth but I don't know if they still have the molds I think his name was Don Aker I was at his shop when he was building the molds back in the seventys and sold some of the first ones he made. I also sold the Bee C B that was built in Battle Creek, MI. I even went iin one day and helped him chop one on a Sunday it was very interesting. I was working out of a one car garage back then I may have some photos of my shop back then. I sold the Sand Shark also that was made in Detroit. I sold the Maxi Taxi from Bremen IN. It brings back a ton of memories thinking about all the different bodies I have sold over the years, back then I never dreamed I would have the molds for any of them.

This photo is one of the very few we have in the ArchiveSite that shows any of the BodyDetails of the Akers Plastics dune buggies. This buggy was being assembled by BerrienBuggy during the late 60's or early 70's. Check out that orange Mustang in the background. How cool is that. The fender lines on the AkersPlastics buggies are similar to that of a SandShark or other high fender style buggy. The HoodDetail sets this buggy off from other. Now you can see why it has the nickname it does. image

This is a great photo showing the HoodDetail of an AkersPlastics DuneBuggy body. You can see the HoodRidge - in this case two ridges and the very easy to spot plate mounting area. The fuel cap on this on happened to be an X Dodge Charger cap. The hood and the dash were made of fiberglass and seperately molded then bonded together as I recall.

This was taken in the SwapMeet at a COVVC show. I wish I would have bought this hood just to add to the collection in my garage.


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