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Ok somebody has to say it. And I guess it might as well be me. I hate the term "MANX STYLE" buggy. There are really only "Authentic Manx buggies", "Manx copies" and "hundreds of different styles of fiberglass Dune Buggies".

Many of the mutated fiberglass mongrels getting proclaimed Manx's by HotVW and VWtrends magazines are not at all Manx buggies. A "Lido" is not a Manx style buggy. It is a Lido style buggy or an "El Lobo" style buggy. But of course if it's fiberglass it must be a Manx right? WRONGO Marylou.

Now before you non-Manx owning brethren get you high dollar panties wadded up in those Beard seats of yours, I am not saying there is anything wrong with owning a non Manx buggy. O Contraire mon fraire, I am saying we should bask in the glow of these fiberglass follies and herald them as what they are and by what they were called when they were made by their creators. Not lump them into one pile as Manx style buggies...

This is the whole point of the dune buggy archives. We are actually on a campaign to stamp out the use of the term " Manx Style Buggy". Learn what you have, who made it, and be proud of it's heritage and by all means call it by it's name! Not a Manx. (We love Manx buggies too but, lets learn more about other buggies!) The Manx Club has them covered on their site quite nicely. We cover everything else.

At one time I owned a Jackal, a Sand Rover, a Boss Bug, Vaquero, Sandwinder, Citation, Nostalgia, and an Empi Imp. None of these were "Manx style" buggies!! And I cringed ever time I heard someone say that. The EMPI Imp is far from a Manx. It was almost built by B.F. Meyers Inc. but that is another story for another time.

What would the Ghia, Notchback, and Bus crowd say if suddenly we all started to call every Volkswagen, a BUG, and then we would say " well thats close enough". I don't think that would go over too well with Neato, Limbo or any of those other cool named groups. People would call you crazy if you said a Porsche was Bug Style car.

After all that's the whole reason we started this thing. In 1995 one else had a fiberglass dune buggy website! We started this before there were an books written or anyone who really had a clue about buggies was talking about buggies. We have spawned a whole new wave of activity as other great sites are now up and running. Some are even trying to help sort out the ID messes out there.

We love the buggies that came after the Manx as much as the original Manx. Our mission is not to offend the hard core "Manx or No Thanks" owners, but to enlighten them and show them the world they have shunned as infierior. Let's not call them "Bogus Buggies" lets call it a 1968 Bermco Inc. yellow dune buggy. I am sure that would make that owner a little more proud of his extremely rare buggy. After all Bermco made far less buggies than B.F. Meyers ever has!!!

This website and forum now has 1000 members with VW knowledge to share and the world's largest collection of Dune Buggy magazines, dune buggy show photos, dune buggy ads and dune buggy brochures.

We have spent the last 10 years continually improving the site and It's been a wild ride. Thanks for jumping in the passenger seat and going along with us. Buckle up and let's get going!

John Shepard